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Saint Laika's does not, and will never, charge people to listen to or download the services posted on this website. Unfortunately, it does cost money to keep Saint Laika's open to the public. The website host, the company that hosts the audio and video files, the professional who does all the technical stuff behind the scenes and the software providers who provide all the add-ons that keep the whole experience running seamlessly, they all need paying every month. The music has to be paid for as must the royalties on the music. Then, on top of all this, the administrator of this site, Jonathan Hagger, who cobbles together the vast majority of the posts at Saint Laika's, receives no salary from any church or any other employer. In fact, his ministry consists entirely of his work on the Internet, a vocation that he has been pioneering for the passed eight years. As he refuses to charge people to access the website Jonathan relies entirely on the friends of Saint Laika's who regularly donate some of their hard earned money to keep his ministry going.

You can make a one off donation by clicking on the PayPal button below (you do not need your own PayPal account to make a donation). You choose exactly what you want to give.

If you would like to become one of the Saint Laika Angels, who keep this show on the road, please choose how much you want to give each month and click on the relevant button below. Again, you do not need to have a PayPal account to subscribe. If you would like to donate a monthly amount not mentioned below please email me at

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Another way to help finance the Saint Laika ministry is to buy Amazon products via Jonathan's Amazon shop. Just go to Amazon via one of the two widgets below (USA and UK) and shop as normal. It costs you nothing extra and Jonathan earns a bit of commission on anything you buy.

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