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(Warning - some of these songs contain naughty words)

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Lovers Know was recorded in Los Angeles, Nashville, Joshua Tree and Auckland, New Zealand, over a yearlong period and forges into new territory for Burhenn. Exploring influences of 80s, 90s, and futuristic soundscapes, the record recalls Kate Bush, Sinead O’Connor, Jesus and Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine. The result is arguably one of Burhenn’s most personal and confessional works to date, yet also her most accessible.

Bee bakare is a new artist breaking through. She has just released the long-awaited self-titled Debut EP on the 9th June 2015, available now on iTunes and other stores. With a voice that has been described as timeless, and a soulful-rich tone, she brings a fresh sound onto the music scene that is sure to leave an indelible mark.

The singer-songwriter from Bath, UK recently released the single 'Little darling', which has been described as emotive yet inspiring, both conveying the rawness and authenticity that permeate through her music. She would describe herself as wanting to be known for her 'written as well as vocal work'. That being said, the creative expression and its diversity within her EP is certain to pave the way towards that destination.

Debut album from Sugar + The Hi-lows and their new single ‘High Roller'

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For the past ten years, Matthew Perryman Jones has been making music that has drawn comparisons to everyone from Jeff Buckley to Leonard Cohen. With the touch of a poet and the narrative of a short story writer, his songs are at once deeply resonant and intimately articulate.

Ahead of the release of two new EPs this year and a brand new album next, Matthew is taking a moment to thank his fans with In a Decade - The Complete Works. Whether you've been with him from the very beginning, or are just getting introduced, take advantage of this opportunity to own every album, every single and a few rarely heard gems.

For fans of Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne.

Twin Brother’s unfiltered opus to adolescence, Swallow The Anchor, finds the trio delving into some dark, unfortunately identifiable, and garishly gorgeous caverns of an understated passage we’ve all taken, will take, or—as is thrust to the forefront on the nine-song effort—are currently traversing. From the long opening violin caresses of “Shallow Mission” to the uproarious pleas in “Heart And Soul,” and singer Sean Raasch’s sullen lyrical resignation of “So stand up straight before your head hits the ground / Too little too late / You’re an old man now” in parting shot “Stand Up Straight,” Swallow The Anchor is an altogether well-thought and delicately devastating recognition of, outmatched fight against, and reluctant acceptance of departing youth. At least there’s pretty music on the way to a place none of us want to go. (Milwaukee Record)

ATO Records presents their spring sampler featuring 13 exciting new songs from artists like Hurray for the Riff Raff, Benjamin Booker, SOJA and Old Crow Medicine Show.

Favorite tracks hand picked from Heather Maloney's five albums, including her most recent release, Making Me Break.

"Safety Risk" is comprised of five songs, describing the dichotomy brought about by the vulnerability in love. Hurst's lyrics continue to break hearts, put them back together, and break them all over again. Whether her mood is blue, romantic, or sarcastically cool, she finds the words to say and the tunes to sing that leave us remembering our own stories and anxious to hear more of hers. "Safety Risk" is dangerously vulnerable, a safe guarantee for any listener's renewal.

'A potent force in British rock music has arrived,' proclaimed MOJO in their 4-STAR review, and well, yes they have. The Temperance Movement (Fantasy/Concord) are driven by the gritty, soulful vocals of Phil Campbell, the mastery of guitarists Paul Sayer and Luke Potashnick and a powerhouse of a rhythm section delivered by Nick Fyffe on bass and Damon Wilson on drums. Electrifying fans of timeless, British-invasion song craft and superb musicianship, The Temperance Movement deftly fuse inspirations such as The Stones, Faces, Little Feat, Bobby Womack and acknowledged catalysts The Black Crowes, into their own authentic blast of blues n soul drenched rock n roll. Welcome to The Temperance Movement.

Their powerful Live EP features the rock radio hit single "Take It Back," "Only Friend," and "Lovers & Fighters."

The Old Ceremony has been creating their own brand of Southern gothic pop for over a decade. This collection compiles some fan favorites, along with a new song, “Ghosts of Ferriday,” from their forthcoming Yep Roc Records release, Sprinter.

Father Jonathan’s Big Ask 2015

Blue Peter Appeal copy

From Father Jonathan (aka MadPriest):

This year, yet again, my birthday falls on the twentieth of June and, yet again I am taking advantage of this convenient, half way through the year, date to run the second of my annual big fundraising events, the other fundraiser being just before Christmas every year. The success of these two major fundraisers in the Saint Laika calendar is absolutely necessary. Quite honestly, with a regular monthly income of just five hundred pounds, I would sink below the waters of destitution if my friends and supporters did not dig deep in their pockets twice a year. I need this extra money to keep the website and podcasts up and running as well as needing the extra money to keep me up and running as well. The Christmas appeal monies go mostly towards the administration costs of Saint Laika's and any new technical stuff I need, as well as the purchase of some much needed new clothing for myself in the January Sales. The Midsummer appeal also goes towards Saint Laika's but on top of that I use the money raised to pay for my annual vacation, a camping holiday in the UK. This year, I also need to pay off the no interest loan that paid for my new (secondhand) camera that I purchased earlier in the year and which I use, primarily, to take photographs for the OCICBW... blog.

Saint Laika's does not, and will never, charge people to listen to or download the services posted on its website. Unfortunately, it does cost money to keep Saint Laika's open to the public. The website host, the company that hosts the audio and video files, the software providers who provide all the add-ons that keep the whole experience running seamlessly, they all need paying every month. The music has to be paid for as must the royalties on the music. Then, on top of all this, the administrator of this site, yours truly, who cobbles together all the podcasts and the vast majority of the posts at Saint Laika's, receives no salary from any church or any other employer. In fact, my ministry consists entirely of my work on the Internet, a vocation that I have been pioneering for the passed nine plus years. As I refuse to charge people to access the website I rely entirely on my friends and supporters to keep me reasonably solvent, fed and clothed.

The BIG ASK in the title of this post is that you consider helping to keep the Saint Laika's ministry out there in the big, wide world of the internet by making a donation via the PayPal widget below. You do not need your own PayPal account to do this; just click on the donate button and follow the instructions. I will keep everyone informed of how the appeal is going with the help of the cheeky graphic above. The more cash that comes my way the higher the little space dog will ascend up the madpriestometer. Go on - send her to the moon!

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To celebrate the release of Eilen Jewell's 6th studio album, Sundown Over Ghost Town, Signature Sounds is offering this sampler which includes "Rio Grande" from the new album, along with favorites tracks from Eilen's past albums.

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