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Blog is not dead

Unfortunately, blogging is not, due, at least in part, to the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, the main hub of social interaction on the internet anymore (those wonderful days of intelligent and creative discourse are long gone it would appear). However, there are still plenty of bloggers doing their stuff and there are still plenty of blogs which are far more worthy of your attention than the time wasting, inane chatter that clutters up the advertising platforms out there masquerading as social media websites. One blog you should check out everyday is, of course, Of Course, I Could Be Wrong..., Saint Laika's own long running and popular blog. But there are many more sites in the Blogosphere that are equally entertaining and informative. You really should check them out and, to help you begin your journey of discovery, there are a whole load of excellent blogs listed below. Just click on their titles to go to their website.

The best way to enjoy the world of blogs is to access them through an RSS reader.
CLICK HERE for details of the best.

One more thing, if you are a blogger and you are not on the Saint Laika list, please send me a link to your website. If your blog fits in with the general ethos of Saint Laika's I will be very happy to advertise its existence on this page. Email me at

Happy blogging!

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