Pro-Life Cop Claims He Was Praying Not Protesting

The Louisville Metro Police officer who marched in uniform in front of EMW Women's Clinic wearing a sign that said "Pray to end abortion" told investigators he was praying, not protesting.

"I was not there engaging in politics. Strictly there practising my religious beliefs, taking part in prayer," Officer Matthew Schrenger told a Professional Standards Unit investigator in March.

He said he didn't anticipate there being an issue driving his squad car to the clinic, a regular protest site, because it is a "symbol of safety."

The case against him was dismissed by the chief of police and he has returned to work. The reason for her decision was because other police officers who had protested in the past whilst wearing their uniform had got away with it.


Pro-Life Cop Claims He Was Praying Not Protesting — 1 Comment

  1. Police departments in the U.S. need to improve their supervision of personnel. Here in Georgia we had officers driving off to Florida without their supervisor’s knowledge and to the distress of law enforcement in other counties who had no notice of their incursion. What seems to have happened in response to complaints of too much paper work (voiced to my knowledge since 1980), agencies have adopted electronic record keeping to facilitate input and save time, but nobody bothers to check that the data is actually filled in. The organizational purpose of supervisory positions is not to provide supervision and direction, but to encourage “advancement” in rank and retention for increased pay. It is a systemic problem buttressed by arrest as the first resort. “If in doubt, make an arrest and let the judge figure it out,” seems to be the basic operating instruction.