At a Latter-day Saints for Trump rally in Arizona on Wednesday night, Utah Sen. Mike Lee compared the president to a hero from Latter-day Saint scripture. He rallied the crowd with callouts to Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals and Mormons, comparing President … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

A Good Read

From “Sermon on the Mount” by Clarence Jordan It is one thing to enter “the narrow way” of discipline and complete dedication to Christ and the kingdom; it is another thing to keep on climbing this upward trail. Sometimes people … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Giving God The Blues

God don’t hate the Muslims,God don’t hate the Jews,God don’t hate the Christians,but we all give God the blues.God don’t hate the atheists,the Buddhists or the Hindus.God loves everybody,but we all give God the blues God ain’t no Republican,he ain’t … [CLICK TO READ MORE]