Evil Spirit Sets Fire To House Twice In One Day

A family in Bahati, Nakuru County, Kenya is seeking spiritual intervention to fight evil spirits that have been hunting them for the past three weeks.

Simon Mbuthia claims that the spirits set their house on fire twice yesterday.

“My wife left the house early. At around 9 a.m. I was on my way out and my daughter called me back saying there was smoke in my bedroom. I rushed back and found my bed on fire,” Mbuthia narrated.

His neighbour, John Gathu was first to arrive at the scene. As the two held a brief conversation, Gathu said he was shocked when another fire started within the room as they watched.

“There was a bed in the sitting room and no open flames were visible. The bed caught fire from nowhere. At first, I thought of dashing out since I couldn’t see anyone next to the bed. I couldn’t believe it was a real fire until I saw the mattress burning. I put it out myself,” said Gathu.

Simon's wife, Jane said this was not the first time such incidents were happening.

“Last week I was working on the garden when my son told me there were people at the other end. I moved around and couldn’t see anything. He insisted there were two strangers who fled as I got closer. He had claimed to see the same figures the previous week while with my mother,” she said.

The family is now calling on clerics from the area to come to their rescue and cast the spirits out of their home.

I have watched a lot of films about this sort of thing and I think
it is very probable that the Mbuthias' home was built over an
ancient tribal burial ground or, maybe, a portal to hell. It will
be something like that. Their best course of action is to get out
of there as quickly as possible and then sell the house to an
unsuspecting young family who want to escape the city.

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