The Devil Made Him Do It

Oluwakemi Oyebola, a pastor of the Christ Apostolic Church, was recently arrested in Ogun State, Nigeria, for raping his daughter from when she was nineteen years old and allegedly aborting pregnancies for her on three separate occasions. The forty-four-year-old clergyman claims that having sex with his biological daughter was not intentional.

“I was hit by the devil’s arrow targeted at me by my enemies. I could not fathom how I began having sex with my own daughter. It is a shameful act, I agree. But unlike what was reported in the media, I only began to have sex with her in 2017 and not 2015 as claimed by the police. Also, the abortion I did for her was just once and not thrice. I want to sincerely beg for forgiveness from Nigerians; my action was unheard of, and I seriously regret it,” he said.

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