Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest (on referendums)

We should make it a law that if, god forbid, a future prime-minister should ever decide to ask us, the people, our opinion on a particular matter in a referendum, then there has to be a referendum before that referendum asking us if we want a referendum, yes or no.

On the whole, I think the people of the United Kingdom would prefer not to be bothered about political stuff, especially if it might lead to unpleasantness, and we only voted one way or the other in the EU referendum because we were cajoled into it.

Ever since the disaster that was the English Civil War we have remained a generally unified people by our firm commitment to having or, at least, feigning a complete disinterest in politics other than during the four weeks immediately preceding a general election. We are in danger of losing this unity forever because of some berk who decided it would be a good idea to ask us what we thought about a bunch of foreigners. Big mistake!!!


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