Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

A local community cafe is advertising for volunteers. The job entails "working behind the counter serving customers, handling 'Pay as you Feel' donations, making drinks for customers, cleaning and clearing tables, washing up, helping to cook and serve meals to customers, helping clean and tidy the kitchen counter areas at days end." For this, you will receive lunch and one complimentary hot drink, per day worked.

I know that volunteering means that you don't get paid but I would expect to be allowed as many hot drinks as I needed without being charged for them.

The world of work, including the voluntary sector it would appear, is completely different from what it was like back when I was driving for a living thirty odd years ago. In those days companies would provide free tea and coffee for their employees. Nowadays, staff have to take their own drinks in and will probably have pay deducted for the time they spend making their drinks. I belong to the first generation in hundreds of years for whom working life is not better than it was in our parent's day. Why have we allowed this to happen?

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