A Union Of Bigots

Scripture Union, an international evangelical Christian charity which, among other things, runs Bible study groups in schools across Scotland, has made changes to its "values statement" that is allowing it to discriminate against LGBT people.

According to a report in "The Times," the Rev David Young, minister at Helensburgh Parish Church, told the Church of Scotland's General Assembly in Edinburgh: “A member of my staff was told she would not be welcome in helping to lead a Scripture Union group because she is in a same-sex marriage.”

He said the incident he mentioned was not an isolated one.

The assembly agreed that the changes to the charity's values statement would “adversely affect volunteers”, and voted to hold “meaningful conversations” with Scripture Union to address it.

Andy Bathgate, chief executive of Scripture Union Scotland, was reported as saying: “Recently Scripture Union Scotland has clarified its ethos statement for staff and volunteers, which does not mark a change in approach. We have always been open about the fact that we are a Christian charity.”

Many churches in the UK support Scripture Union and use its resource materials. On the whole, these are congregations of a broadly evangelical faith but also, on the whole, they will not be as rabid in their hatred of gay people as the fundies who now control the charity. I hope that the members of these congregations who are not comfortable with the charity's lack of charity will not allow its excluding policies to continue by their silence but will take their concerns to their church councils with the recommendation that their church distances itself from the S.U. and withdraw all financial support.

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