Vicious Conversation

I am getting really depressed about the bitter discourse between people of different views in the world today. The name-calling is childish.

For a start, with respect to the ongoing debate about abortion, it is obvious that the majority of those who hold to the "pro-life" position are most definitely not the evil "life-haters" that some who hold to the "pro-choice" position are calling them on social media and elsewhere. They have thought about the issues just as much (or as little) as their opponents have thought about them. If you agreed with them you would regard them as good people of integrity and applaud their dedication and tenacity. If you cannot see that then bitterness has rendered you blind.

Secondly, partially in respect of the same matter, if someone was to talk about black people, gay people, the disabled, women or any other group, in the same way many of my female friends are talking about men at the moment, that person would be reprimanded severely by all those with even a basic attachment to the politically correct. They would end up as Billy No Mates in the online neighbourhoods I hang around.

Yesterday somebody on a thread I was following commented that "men" thought "women do not matter." Well, bollocks, that is simply not true. I have spent my whole life believing that women matter very much indeed and I am no feminist saint. If I think women matter, then most men do, because I am no different to most men. There is also much insistence around the place that men are all sexual predators who force themselves upon women. Again, nothing is further from the truth. Most men are actually fearful of coming across as too pushy and even more men are terrified of being rejected to the extent that their initial sexual advances are very tentative, to say the least.

Of course, there are men that think women do not matter and there are men who do not take no for an answer when pursuing their lustful inclinations. However, I would bet my second to bottom dollar that these same men do not believe anyone matters except themselves and regularly abuse other people, whatever their gender, to get what they want. I would bet my absolutely bottom dollar that there are women in the world who behave in a similar way.

We have gone well past becoming what we once hated. Nastiness rules everywhere.

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