The Loneliness Of A Failed Priest

In less than two weeks it will be the ninth anniversary of the last communion service I presided at before being sacked by Bishop Martin Wharton for suffering from clinical depression. Four weeks later it will be my sixtieth birthday.

I am unemployed and, with the exception of my wife, I have no friends of roughly my own age, to celebrate my birthday with. Everybody I knew was connected with the Church and so when they took away my job and my home, they also took away my social life. Not that I have anything to celebrate. My life has been a waste of time. I have achieved nothing. I do not even have any children. What makes matters so much worse is that I have nothing to look forward to other than wasting more time.

All I ever wanted to be was a parish priest serving an ordinary congregation. I had no greater ambition and yet I failed to even achieve that unspectacular goal.

I am lonely, I am bored and I am overwhelmingly disappointed.


The Loneliness Of A Failed Priest — 2 Comments

  1. I’m so sorry you’re suffering in this way, Jonathan. Please remember that I’m in your corner and that I think the world of you. What was done to you was/is very wrong. Please do what you can to be good to yourself.