Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

There will be two groups of MPs voting against Theresa May's withdrawal agreement this afternoon: those who wish to gain political advantage from doing so (for example, forcing a general election or party leadership contest) and those who simply do not want to leave the European Union. I really wish the latter group would find their bollocks and admit that they really want the United Kingdom to remain in "Europe" and not keep avoiding doing anything definite because they are scared of what "leave" voters in the constituencies will think of them.

I, personally, think they are wrong to ignore the referendum result but, if they really believe that MPs are elected to "do what is right for the country" rather than what the electorate has voted for, they should have the courage of their convictions, do what they see fit and face the consequences rather than allowing the country to go to rack and ruin, which is the inevitable result of their selfish, self-preserving cowardice.

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