Double Exposure

South African gospel star and pastor Nkomfa Mkabile has been involved in an unholy war of words on social media this week following criticisms of his wife's choice of attire for their attendance of the State of the Nation Address in Cape Town.

The pastor's wife, Unathi Mkabile, rocked up on the red carpet wearing a blue dress that exposed her ample cleavage that many Facebook users deemed unsuitable. Most questioned why a pastor's wife was dressed in an "undignified manner".

But Nkomfa, who is also the founder of the Bethel International Ministries in Cape Town, came to his wife's defence, telling the haters to leave his wife alone as he did not see anything wrong with the dress. He questioned some of the haters' sexuality and he labelled some of the male detractors as rapists, telling them to stop focusing on his wife's breasts.

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