Not A Load Of Balls

I've just watched a TV programme in which Ed Balls (a former Labour Party member of the UK parliament) goes to America to meet Trump voters on their own terms and allows them to speak without him being a condescending, liberal twat about it.

The bad news is that Trump is going to romp home in the mid-terms. Democrats have not learnt anything since he gained office. They are spending all their energy on trying to shame someone who is completely unshameable and pathetically grasping for some sort of legal way to get him out of office instead of putting all their effort into coming up with attractive, positive ideas that will appeal to what need be no more than ten percent of those people who voted for him last time out. Also finding a candidate that doesn't act like he or she thinks anyone who doesn't have a holiday home in Martha's Vineyard is redneck trailer trash would be a smart thing to do.

I would suggest that Ed Balls might be your man as he seems very capable of talking to working people like they are not braindead, but the Americans have this racist thing about their president having to have been born in the USA, which rules him out.

They could give Steve Earle a shot at it. That might work.

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