The Pain Of Betrayal

Every single night, at least once, I have pretty much the same nightmare about having been sacked from my job as a parish priest by a Church of England bishop. My wife believes that I am incredibly miserable and that the only thing that will stop my misery would be the restitution of my ministry, which is never going to happen.

The other day, on a friend's Facebook page, I compared my lack of trust in bishops to the lack of trust a rape victim probably had of men. Instead of sympathy I was attacked for daring to suggest my pain could be in the same league as that of a person who had been sexually assaulted. Now, I am not for one moment suggesting that sacking somebody is as big a crime as raping somebody, I am hardwired to consider any physical assault on a woman to be the vilest thing a man can do (sorry if you find that a sexist attitude, blame my mother!). However, the severity of a crime has little correlation with the damage it causes. That all depends on how the victim reacts and telling the victim of one crime to quit complaining because what happened to them was nowhere near as bad as what happened to somebody else displays an ignorance of the human condition bordering on the sociopathic.

I constantly wish I had never been born. The only thing that has stopped me committing suicide because my life is a complete waste of time, is my fear of the process.

I was accused of being heinous but it is the politically correct hierarchy of offence that is heinous. Everybody's pain is the worst pain in the world. Jesus knew that and acted accordingly. His followers should follow his example rather than playing the ridiculous "her pain is worse than his pain" game.

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