No Reason To Celebrate

That abortion will become legal in Ireland is a good thing but it should be no cause for celebration and dancing in the street. Abortion is the killing of life of some kind even if it is not the killing of a person, and is always the result of crime, intoxication, carelessness, selfishness or promiscuity, all of which are bad things. If human beings were perfect like their father in heaven there would be no need for abortions. I find it very depressing that we would rejoice so exuberantly because a nation is going to pass a law which will make it easier for us to sweep under the carpet the consequences of sin and stupidity.


No Reason To Celebrate — 1 Comment

  1. I would say that there’s one category of abortion that is an exception to your list. Savita, the Indian woman who died of sepsis there in Ireland, very much wanted the child she had conceived. She was miscarrying and there was no possibility at all of saving the life of the fetus but, because a fetal heatbeat could still be detected, the medical people were not able to complete the miscarriage even though not doing so cost the woman her life. That situation had nothing to do with crime, intoxication, carelessness, selfishness or promiscuity. It was just rotten bad luck. I think abortion is a tragedy and, yes, is the taking of a life. The question before society, however, is “Who decides?” I don’t think governments have any business making a decision that righty ought to be made by the woman and her health care provider. I really care about reducing the number of abortions. The research shows that the number of abortions is lowered when abortion is legal and where sex education is widespread (and ACCURATE) and where birth control is easily accessible. The rate of abortions is higher where abortion is ILLEGAL. Women simply risk their lives and their fertility by seeking out illegal abortions which are often unsafe.