Brexit Is Not Just The Fault Of The Brits

All the Brexit nonsense and nastiness could have been avoided if the ideologists of the E.U. had acknowledged the fact that the merging of different cultures needs to be carefully and sympathetically supervised. You cannot just change the composition of a neighbourhood's population overnight without frightening and antagonising the people already living in it.

It annoys me that those who voted to leave the E.U. are receiving all of the blame for the economic catastrophe that is sure to follow Brexit, when it is the intransigence of open border ideologists that is the ultimate cause of discontent with the E.U. and not only in the U.K. If negotiators for the E.U. were willing to agree to a reining in of the free movement of people within the E.U. until such time that the member states all enjoyed a more similar standard of living, I am certain that a second vote in the U.K. would result in a sizeable victory for the Remain camp.

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