No Happy Endings

I watched a film this evening about a young man with bipolar disorder and his friendship with a young man with Asperger Syndrome. It was about their battle to have their gifts recognised and to not be written off by society. It was a great little film until the very end when it became completely unbelievable. You see, there are no happy endings for people who have suffered from mental health problems and other neurological deviations from the norm. We are not allowed to realise our potential in life and if we have a vocation before we fall ill it is taken off us by a fearful society so that we can be disappeared and ignored. Storytellers and filmmakers who pretend otherwise are telling lies and that does not help those of us, who are forced into lives of useless exclusion by the bigotry of all parts of society, in the slightest. In fact, it makes our lives a lot worse as the sane and normal can pretend we all live happily ever after and forget about us.

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