The Saint Laika Advent Appeal 2017

Now is the time of year when the big bills start arriving at Saint Laika's HQ at exactly the same time that I have to find the money for Mrs MP's Christmas present and a little bit of festive cheer for the two of us and our canine friends. For example, I have just paid out nearly one hundred pounds for web hosting and the renewal of domain names so that Saint Laika's can continue for another year.

The donations I receive from the friends of Saint Laika's are my only source of income and the work I do at Saint Laika's is my only priestly vocation. In order to keep my head above water and my ministry available to all free of charge I have to run two appeals every year; one in the summer and one in December. As usual I am hoping to raise one thousand English pounds (approx. one thousand, three hundred and forty six American dollars). We have never managed to quite achieve this target but you never know, with the pound weak against the dollar at the moment, this might be the year we do so.

Advent is a time of preparation and Christmas is a time for giving. Personally I cannot think of a better way that you could prepare for Christmas than practicing your giving by sending a donation (no matter how large) in to the 2017 Saint Laika Advent Appeal.

One more thing, Vladimir Putin will not be contributing a kopek to the appeal and, surely, you do not want to be like him.

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