The Church of England And The Mentally Different

Today is World Mental Health Day

The following is the text of an email I have sent to the bishops of Durham and Newcastle. They will dismiss it as the ravings of a mad man because it easier for them to do that than admit their complete lack of compassion.

Today is World Mental Health Day. This is a report published by the Chronicle today highlighting the abysmal treatment of people with mental health problems by employers in the North East. I am living proof that the Church of England in our region is every bit as guilty of bigotry and prejudice as any other employer. As representatives of Jesus Christ the healer, who included those who had been “demon possessed among his disciples and followers, the hierarchy of the Church should be leading the way by fully including us in every aspect of church life. Instead, they sack their priests and exclude their lay members who openly suffer from mental health problems. The bishops should be ashamed of their lack of understanding and compassion but they never will be. Nobody with the heart of a true pastor gets to be a bishop nowadays; only businessmen and businesswomen are invited to join the club.

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