Abortion – At Times A Necessary Evil

Today is "International Safe Abortion Day."

I have tried to think otherwise but I have to face up to the fact that I believe that abortion is sinful. Having said that I think that safe abortion should be available to those seeking it and that it should not be a criminal offence. However, I am not decided as to whether the decision should be that of the pregnant woman's alone.

There are some actions which are wrong but often necessary, for example, divorce. When we are forced by circumstance, aggravated by our human weakness, into committing such sins we should accept that a bad thing has happened whilst also accepting that God is ever merciful and that, through Christ, God is fully aware of the complexities and predicaments of human life.

However, if we are able to reduce the likelihood of a bad thing happening but, deliberately, do not do so, that is a wholly different kettle of fish. In other words, prevention is always better than cure.

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