The Bishop Of Durham Is Sorry ( I Don’t Think )

I received a letter from the bishop of Durham this morning in response to my request to be removed from the authority of the Church of England bishops.

He says that he is sorry that I feel this is the course I have to take.

Why do bishops and their ilk talk such bullshit? He knows my story. He knows what I have been put through and he knows what I need to find peace and resolution. If he was in the slightest bit sorry for my decision he would offer me an alternative course of action or, at the very least, talk to me about it (he is, after all, my pastor). But no. He has not responded to any of my attempts to contact him and nor have his "senior" clergy. They have locked every gate I have tried to walk through and, basically, made it very obvious that they do not want me in their church.

Fair enough, they may even be right about me. But why then pretend to be sorry about it all?

Hypocrites and dissemblers, the lot of them!

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