Poor Pay More For Pollution

We bought a diesel car because the government, at the time, told us that it was the most environmentally friendly choice (next to not driving a car). Now, due to the pronouncements of our current government we couldn't sell our car if we wanted to. In itself that is no problem. Our car is reliable and, if we keep it serviced, could last for decades (Volvos are known for their longevity). However, the government is encouraging local authorities to ban diesel cars from town centres and it is only a matter of time before road tax for diesel cars is increased to ridiculous levels.

Of course, the well off who now own diesel cars are in the position to cope with the loss of value of their car and will be able to replace it with a less polluting model. The less well off, like me, do not have that option. We cannot just go out and by a new car without getting a reasonable trade in value on our old car. In other words we are stuck with both a polluting car and the penalties for owning it.

As always with indirect taxation and fixed penalties it is the poor who suffer whilst the rich hardly notice the cost and inconvenience.


Poor Pay More For Pollution — 2 Comments

  1. You have til 2040 to buy a new car. Is that too short a time? I doubt if the penalties for owning a diesel ( or petrol) will increase too much between now and then.