Grantchester In The Diocese Of Cloud Cuckoo Land

A black archdeacon in the Church of England in the early 1950s? Surely not, and definitely not in the Diocese of Ely. I think the producers of "Grantchester" need to put authenticity before their company's diversity policy. They do black English people no favours by prettying up the past in such an unbelievable way.

On Facebook one of my friends asked me if there are any black archdeacons in the Church of England now?

To which I replied, "Are there any black clergy nasty enough?"

The underlying problem here is that TV programme makers are under a lot of pressure to include more ethnic minorities, physically disabled people and people with Downs syndrome and the like, in their productions. The problem is that although they are generally enthusiastic about doing so they haven't yet learned how to do it in a natural and authentic way. So we have nonsense like a black senior clergyman in the 1950s and, elsewhere, English villages full of young black families. Almost every police department on TV has a member of its admin support who is either a "small person," in a wheelchair or, preferably, both. It is all very unlikely as we have not, as a society, embraced our inclusivity desires in real life.

At least no programme maker has so far included a person who has been a patient on a mental ward, in a proper job. That really would be unbelievable.

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