Tell No One

The mad are really in the news in the U.K. at the moment. The breakfast news on the BBC were majoring on the royal princes coming out as emotional human beings just like ordinary folk. "Experts" were rolled out to tell us how important it is not to remain silent if you suffer from mental health problems. Apparently, if we talk about our dodgy mental ill health the stigma surrounding madness will disappear overnight.


Important people, including, no doubt, leaders of the Christian church, will jump onboard the royal bandwagon and insist in public that they are on message and they will promise to include the mad in their organisations. But, in private, they will still believe that the mad are incapable of being functioning and valuable members of society and they will continue to exclude them.

Heck, I was sacked by a Church of England bishop because he did not believe a person who had suffered from clinical depression was capable of being an effective parish priest, even after recovering from their condition. If, an educated, morally astute member of the House of Lords is such a bigot what should we expect from the "man in the street?"

My advice is this. If you think you are suffering from mental ill health, by all means tell your GP as they are really good about keeping secrets. But do not, under any circumstance, tell your employer or your friends. If you do the chances are extremely high that you will end up without a job and without friends. Never trust what people say about the inclusion of those with mental health problems in society. They will be lying. Nobody wants to sit next to "the nutter on the bus," whatever they may claim to the contrary.

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