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Dear friends,

Although it remains my predominant hope that I will one day get to pursue, once again, the parish ministry to which I truly believe I was called as well as continuing to have an online presence, it is very unlikely that this will happen. Therefore, as I refuse to give up my full-time priesthood, my vocation for the foreseeable future is to be an internet priest based at Saint Laika's, the online Christian community I set up some years ago to provide adult Christian worship and more for absolutely anyone who wants it (there are no exceptions).

However, without a stipend from my denomination, the Church of England, it would be impossible for me to pursue this project without the help of my very good friends who send me some of their hard earned cash every month as, not only do I have to pay the costs of keeping a website with audible content going, I also have to find money to live on. The generosity of the Saint Laika angels, as I call them (for they are my guardian angels indeed) means that I have at my disposal just over seven hundred and fifty dollars a month (six hundred pounds) which is brilliant but, unfortunately, not quite enough. I really could do with doubling this so that I do not have to worry every time a bill arrives on the doormat or my computer breaks down (I have been without a desktop computer for over six months now which makes my online ministry very cumbersome and difficult).

So, here's the thing, I need your help. To put it bluntly, if you appreciate the purpose of my ministry and you are not already one of the wonderful people who regularly donate and you can afford to, please would you commit to sending me some of your money every month. Although I greatly appreciate the one off donations that sometimes come my way, it is the regular monthly payments that keep me sane as they give me a sense of security and I am not a person who copes well with insecurity.

At the end of this post there are two PayPal widgets. One is for donations in US dollars and the other is for donations in British pounds. It does not matter which country in the world you live in, you can choose either one as PayPal converts all monies received into pounds before sending them to me. You also do not need your own PayPal account in order to donate. Just click on the up and down arrows on the right of the widget, choose how much you want to donate each month and then follow the instructions. You can cancel or alter your donation whenever you want to without notice.

Please do help me if you can. I would really love to make a go of this unexpected and unusual ministry I have stumbled into, not only for the people that I serve but also for myself. Some people have the ability to go with the flow wherever life takes them. I do not. I need direction and stability and to achieve this, I need the help of my friends.

Please help me.

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