When Is A Vocation Not A Vocation?
When You Are Mad

I have just received an email from the diocesan office telling me that the seventh of May is "Vocations Sunday." The main problem with being an unemployed priest that no good Anglican will touch with a barge pole is that the knife is pushed in and twisted so regularly. Just going for a drive can be painful. I never fully realised how many church buildings there are out there until I was excluded from them. Of course, if I was not clinically depressed I would probably not get so upset by all the references to the Church and to the priesthood I come across every day. But if I was not clinically depressed I would not have been kicked out the church and disappeared in the first place. So there's the answer. If you want to be part of the Church of England do not go down with a mental illness. Better to kill yourself than embarrass the bishops with your condition and, come to think of it, Vocations Sunday would be a symbolically appropriate day to do that.

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