Cost Free Protesting In England

My country (England) is in a right mess at the moment. The poor are getting poorer whilst a very few privileged people are getting obscenely rich. Our health service is being starved of the funds it needs to provide the service it was originally envisioned to whilst our government is quite happy to spend a vast amount of money on nuclear missiles. Low wages are too low to live on and have to be subsidised out of the public purse. Local government finances have been squeezed so much following the bailing out of the bankers that they are having to cut essential services (such as the care of the infirm and elderly) and even sell off our parks and recreation grounds.

But what does the right-on, middle class of England take to the streets to protest about? The president of a country half way across the world.

I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that if the situation in the USA was to change it would not cost the English anything whilst the raising of hundreds of thousands of our own people out of poverty would cost our middle class a lot of money. You can tell by the comfortably well off left's reaction to Brexit that when push comes to shove it is money that matters to them. Their own money.

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