Trump Is Bad Not Mad

It appears that, after "Nazi," the worst insult American liberals can throw at their new president is that he is mentally ill.

If there was a top ten list of bigoted, insensitive and ignorant invective then this would surely be right up near the very top of it. Years of work by people who are not bigoted, insensitive and ignorant to try and educate the general public about mental illness and attempting to eradicate the wrong-headed mythology that surrounds it and those who live with it is now substantially out of the window. A hundred horror films called "Asylum" or derivatives thereof could not do as much damage to the lives of those of us who do suffer from mental health problems anywhere near as much. Heck, it's almost as bad as belittling someone with the appellation of "spastic" or "spaz" or "retard" which, now I come to mention it, Americans do all the time without flinching with shame. Yet, white, liberal Americans regard the use of the word "nigger" as a felony greater than holocaust denial or suggesting that abortion might not be morally acceptable in some cases. Bunch of hypocrites!

The (very telling) irony is that the "mentally ill" accusations have been picked up by right wing, reactionary newspapers in England, for example the "Daily Mail." I expect such under-researched, populist nonsense from our tabloids. Sadly, I am coming to also expect it from supposedly enlightened, well-educated left wing people, both enemies and friends.

I know they want to hurt Donald Trump and get rid him out of the White House as soon as possible, but they can do that without using me and my much-maligned co-sufferers as their weapon of choice.


Trump Is Bad Not Mad — 4 Comments

  1. About 30 years ago I suffered from “sub-clinical” depression. It was hellish. Fortunately I found a useful therapist and after some hard work, started to come out of it. Madpriest, I hope you can find someone useful, too. Meanwhile, I’m keeping hou in my prayers and will continue to remit the small monthly sum I have been sending. God bless you always, Joan Shelton, a priest from America.

    • Thanks, Joan. To be honest I could most do with a person to provide practical help, to be my advocate and to tell me what to do. If I could find that person I am certain my mental health would improve greatly. Basically, I can’t do it on my own.

    • I don’t think you would like it if the liberal masses started using gender identity as an insult.