Advice, Yes; Help, No.

I do not need a therapist, I need a personal assistant. Someone to arrange a better future for me. Not just tell me what to do (there's enough of you out there doing that already) but actually make the phone calls and fill in the forms.

For some reason, psychology professionals have it stuck in their heads that the patient has to do everything for themselves otherwise they will not get better. Bollocks! No surgeon tells a heart attack victim to jolly well get on and perform open heart surgery on himself. Personally, I think the health professionals will not get involved in the practicalities of changing lives because they know full well that 99% of the time what they so enthusiastically recommend is not achievable in reality.

"Go out and get a job and you'll get better."

"Yeah, right. I'm here because I was sacked from my job for being ill, idiot."

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