Where Is The Love?

I do not need God to be there for me. I do not even need God to love me. What Christ achieved for me on the cross, the forgiveness of my sins, is enough. Therefore, if people claim that God is with me and that God loves me I want to see both at work within my life. Otherwise they are just platitudes. Even if they are true they are worth nothing because there is no substance to what they insist upon.

The bishops of the Church of England claim that they care for people like me but their complete lack of action, their abject fear of getting involved with the messy stuff of life, show that their claims are bogus. People who tell me that God cares for me are likening God to the bishops who have hurt me or ignored me because God has, quite honestly, been as much use as those aforementioned mitre wearers. That would be no use whatsoever.

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