Jesus: The Missing Years

The owner of an East Texas Christmas decoration store says thieves have long targeted one item on her shelves more than any other -- Baby Jesus.

"It's very startling," said Angie Bullington, who owns the Christmas Store, located in Tyler.

Open since 1978, Bullington said thieves started going after Baby Jesus long before she took over as owner of the Christmas Store in 2013.

"That's the most stolen item we've had," she said. "Always has been."

Bullington said she cannot determine a motive. While shoplifters have taken Jesus figurines of all sizes, she said those from nativity scenes and ornaments are most common.

"It's just crazy that people could steal Baby Jesus," Bullington said. "And how could you not feel guilty about that?"

I'm wondering if the store owner has any proof that the Baby Jesus have been stolen. Has she checked the local synagogues to see if he is, in fact, talking with the elders or does he just not want to hang around waiting for a whole model army of Herod's soldiers to turn up?

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