The Church Of England’s Martyr Priests

It's horrid being an unemployed priest at this time of year without any of the seasonal celebrations of the Church to look forward to. What makes it worse is reading posts on Facebook from employed priests going on about how much work they have to do between now and Christmas. My guess is that most of these priests would rather have their eyes poked out with a sharp stick than ask for help. The Diocese of Durham is full of overworked priests and parishes which are not served as they should be because of a lack of priests in post. Yet, I have not once in the five years I have lived here been asked to help alleviate these problems. I have more than a suspicion that most priests are scared of allowing other priests onto their patch because of a lack of confidence in their own abilities and that they like boasting about how overworked they are because it makes them feel needed. Whatever, the overworked clergy of Durham get as much sympathy from me as I, in my horrid situation, get from them.

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