Raymond Burke Rebukes Pope

I see that Roman Catholicism's most proud and arrogant cardinal, Raymond Burke, has decided that he is more infallible than the pope. Francis I has recently stated that his predecessor's allowance of the Latin mass to be said in parish churches without the permission of the local bishop was a "fair and magnanimous gesture to meet a certain mentality of some groups and people who had nostalgia," but that its use is an exception. Burke has publicly slapped down his boss by insisting he is wrong. Unsurprisingly (as they were birds of a feather) the squat cardinal considers the words of the pope who ran away as more binding than the words of the present pontiff who is as different to Burke as you can possibly get. The irony is that if Ratzinger was still in charge and Burke contradicted him, Burke would have been disappeared to a hermitage in the deepest, darkest forests of Eastern Europe immediately and without even the slightest possibility of parole.


Raymond Burke Rebukes Pope — 5 Comments

  1. Your remarks about Pope Benedict XVI are simply untrue, unfair and, like your comment about the ‘squat’ Cardinal, uncharitable, but not unusual for your blog.