Terry Allen

I doubt that there are many people in the world who have a better collection of Americana records than myself. However, there are still some gaps in my library that are there mainly because the albums are just not out there to purchase in CD or digital form at an affordable price. The other week one of those missing masterpieces turned up on the market and it did so in style. Even though I have seen Terry Allen in concert (twenty odd years ago in Sunderland of all places) I have never owned his greatest work, "Lubbock (On Everything)." It was released back in 1979 when I was still mostly into punk rock and northern soul. By the time I became away of Mister Allen's genius it was impossible to obtain the album in the U.K. The good news is that it has now been rereleased in a twenty track deluxe edition. I have purchased it, of course, and it is every bit as good as I had been led to believe. I would like to show you a video of Terry Allen singing "Truckload of Art" off the album which is an alt.country classic but there is no performance video of it on YouTube. So here is the opening track, "Amarillo Highway" which is also very good.

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