What Kate Did Next

The "Daily Mirror" is claiming that the reason the Gogglebox star, Reverend Kate Bottley and her husband have not appeared on the show recently is because they are taking time off to support their daughter through her GCSEs.

However, I wonder if this is the full story. I have noticed that, with the exception of Scarlett Moffatt (who's dismissal from the series would probably lead to a big drop in viewer numbers) when a member of the Gogglebox panel starts to profit from their appearance on the show they tend to disappear from the programme very quickly. The alcohol swigging rich couple being a prime example of this phenomenon.

20357871634_4e67e798e2The Reverend Bottley has certainly profited from the show. She is now seen on the same stage with those other two clerical celebrities, Giles Fraser and the bloke from the Communards, she landed her own TV documentary, she's the popular media's new go to for God quotes and I have even come across her endorsing charity campaigns.

But I shall miss the dog and her husband who stoically and silently sat beside our Kate as she judged the world from her sofa.


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