MadPriest Gets Wrist Slapped ( Twice )

You might be surprised to read this but it is rare for me to have a comment removed from somebody else's webpage or Facebook wall. I tend to put any abusive stuff on my own blog. However, today I have been censored twice. Firstly, by no less than Durham's diocesan secretary who unilaterally decided that me banging on about episcopal abuse of the Church of England's exemption from employment legislation was not appropriate content for the diocesan clergy forum. Secondly, by the Guardian newspaper who decided that my response to an atheist art critic's condemnation of modern stained glass in cathedrals and churches (because the church is dying and people only go into them to look at Victorian stained glass) was personal abuse.

Maybe it was but "You'll be getting a teetotaller to write your wine column next" was a lot funnier and more bitingly accurate than the usual arrogant hipsterism that is the house comedic style of the liberal press nowadays.

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