Selective Democracy

I think the ruling that Parliament should vote on Brexit is a sound one. It should be how our legislature works. We should not be ruled by an elite few or by the mob, but by our representatives in Parliament chosen, locally, by we the people. If our MPs vote against the will of the people who elected them then they will, more than likely, reap the reward of their independent thinking at the next election.

Good to see that the Scottish National Party is getting into the democratic thing for a change and that their members at Westminster will vote on the Brexit issue as they believe their constituents would have them vote. I assume that should there be another vote on independence for Scotland and the Scottish nationalists win the day, they will demand that, before independence is granted, all the MPs at Westminster will get to vote on it. Anything else would be gross hypocrisy and I just cannot imagine the Blessèd Saint Nicola Sturgeon acting in a hypocritical manner.

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