Amazon Portal

If you live in the United States or the United Kingdom a really cool way to help finance my ministry is to buy Amazon products via my Amazon shop. It will cost you nothing extra and I will receive commission on every item you buy. It is not a very high percentage but it does add up quickly if a lot of my friends use the facility. I am told what items are bought but I am not told who buys them. So your secret vices will remain secret. 🙂

All you have to do is go to Amazon via one of the widgets below (use the top one for Amazon USA and use the bottom one for Amazon UK). Type the name of the product you are interested in (or just any old thing if you only want to browse). Then click on GO and you will be taken to the Amazon website. Then just proceed as you would if you had gone straight to Amazon via your browser.

Please add this page to your BOOKMARKS so you you can access it easily. I suggest you change its title to something shorter, such as AMAZON PORTAL or simply AMAZON.

Thank you, so much, for all your help. Without it there would be no Saint Laika's and I would not be able to pursue my vocation which is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ over the internet tubes. You really are lovely people.


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  1. I can see them, Sam. If they are not loading please use the widgets on the sidebar, half way down under the heading AMAZON LINKS. Thanks, mate.

    • Perhaps, like Sam, you have an add blocker installed that is not allowing them to be visible to you, Anna. You should be able to switch it off somehow, probably in your browser preferences. Otherwise I have no idea how to get round the problem which is a drag.