Brother ( Or Sister ) Can You Spare A Dime?


Financially, things are a bit hard for me at the moment. They won't be so bad in a few days but at this precise moment I do not even have enough cash to buy a jar of instant coffee and the lack of caffeine in my system is making me just a little bit tetchy. Therefore, if you are thinking about making a small donation to keep me going this month then now would be a very good time to do it. I would be ever so grateful.


Brother ( Or Sister ) Can You Spare A Dime? — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for your service. Especially thank you for honoring this little dog, may she rest in peace.

    • Thank you, Bridget. I chose Laika as my online church’s patron because she is a perfect saint for so many of the people who are part of the Saint Laika community. I cannot accurately put into words what I mean. It’s more of a feeling. Something that I find both strange and beautiful is the fact that there are thousands of people, of all ages and from every part of the globe, for whom the story of little Laika is very important in their lives. It speaks to people in the same way, I would suggest, that the story of Jesus speaks to many people.