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The liberal left continues to insist that all those who voted to leave the EU are racists or, if they are feeling charitable, xenophobes. One of the ways that they pile opprobrium onto those working class people who do not like being submerged in the liberal left's multicultural experiment that was foisted upon them without their permission, is to never allow economic migration and the looking for a place of safety as two different things. This conflation of the immigrant and the refugee serves the liberal left agenda well but it is as much a lie as the £350 million a week claim of the Brexit campaigners. Those who oppose unrestricted immigration, for whatever reason (and I personally think it is usually to do with fears of culture change and not economic fears) are rarely opposed to giving refugees from persecution the sanctuary they are seeking.

Those who care and campaign for the welfare of refugees should use the Brexit vote to their advantage. If we stopped economic migration into the UK we would be in a position to offer far more places to refugees. Cameron's pitiful offer of two thousand places for Syrian refugees could be increased ten fold and it would still be less than ten percent of the number of economic migrants currently entering our country each year.


Spaces Now Available — 2 Comments

  1. “economic migration and the looking for a place of safety as two different things”

    They are differences of degree. If one has an income of Zero (that is, starvation), you’re obviously Not Safe. But I think an argument can be constructed as to how much Above Zero is Safe Enough.

    A touchier subject, however, I would call “Imperialism and Its Discontents”. When one looks at the Have/Have-Not places of the world (always relatively speaking, and Aye, There’s the Rub!), how much of that difference is due to the legacy of imperialism (dejure or defacto)? Invariably, competing claims of victimization come to the fore, also: “We’re the victims here; you OWE us!” “No, WE’RE the victims here; you owe US!”

    It’s really a sticky wicket (for which Yours Truly has no answers).

  2. Even at the height of it’s empire building phase, Great Britain did not conquer any East European countries. Also, the Poles in Poland may earn considerably less than Brits in Britain but they are not in danger of starving. So, they are not refugees.

    That all working people throughout the world should have the same standard of living is something that socialists should be fighting for but we are not gojng to achieve that in any sort of satisfactory and sustainable way by inviting them all to live in England.