The Words Of The Prophets Are Written On The Facebook Walls


There have been times during the last few months that I have felt very lonely indeed. As a controversialist I am used to being argued with but my defence of the people who voted to leave the EU, especially those from the working class and the very poor, has pushed me well outside the consensus of opinion in my social media neighbourhood. I can count those of my UK friends who really agreed with me on the fingers of one hand. The fact that I will speak openly about immigration and state what is bad about it has made me even more of an outsider around here. But, hey, nobody said being a prophet would be easy. In fact, history shows that a prophet who doesn't end up being lynched has been extremely lucky. Furthermore, there is that naughty but nice feeling you get when you discover (and in my case, it's always to my surprise) that you got it right or, at least, very nearly right.

Now that the vote is all over the voices of the people I was intent on defending are being allowed to be heard by the liberal media who I am sure were scared of letting them be heard in the run up to the referendum. This edition of the BBC's "Panorama" is presented by Adrain Chiles, a television presenter who obviously comes out of the same mould as myself and who is also not afraid of being seen as off message by his colleagues (he is an out of the closet Roman Catholic Christian for a start). I am hoping that my friends in America and Canada who may be still a bit confused about the demographics of the Brexit vote, will be allowed by the powers that be to view this video as it shows very clearly what I have been saying loud and clear all along, that my people are not stupid, thick, ill informed or racist.

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