Stable Doors, Spilt Milk, Liberals And Brexit

Liberal remain supporters keep banging on about how the leave campaign leaders do not have a "coherent plan" for what should happen now. This would appear to be true. However, my question is what was the "coherent plan" of the remain leaders for after the referendum if they won? It would appear that it was to carry on exactly as before. Oh, yes, there are lots of liberal commentators coming up with bright ideas now about how we could have stayed in the EU whilst reversing the effect unrestricted, mass immigration has on the working class, especially outside of London and empty space rich Scotland. But, here's the rub, they had plenty of time (The Maastricht Treaty was signed twenty-four years ago) to do just this. They chose instead to not only ignore the concerns of working class people but to deliberately and consistently stigmatise any attempts they made to voice their concerns.

It is the strong inclination of liberals to not actually listen to the very people they claim to care for, the poor and politically voiceless, and their insistence that they know best in every situation because they are so much cleverer and more enlightened than the "ignorant masses" that has led to their worst EU nightmare coming true.

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