The Nation Has Decided And It May Not Be The Wrong Decision


I voted to remain in the EU, mainly because I was not prepared to take a gamble and I am pretty certain that the next little while is going to be hell economically. Also, there will be a right wing Tory government in power for a few years at least and they will take advantage of being free from European regulations to promote their libertarian agenda. The near future is bleak but there is a possibility that the future after that could be a whole lot better, better even than it could have been if we had remained in the EU. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say, and just as the right wing will be unencumbered by the necessary hegemony of a federal Europe so too will the left. There are things a future socialist government can now do that it would not have been allowed to do if the UK had voted to stay in Europe. A future government would be able to nationalise industries if they so wished and I for one hope that any socialist one will wish to do so.

The vote to leave the EU is not a victory for stupid, racist people as they have been repeatedly and maliciously labelled by liberal commentators throughout the debate. Working people are intelligent human beings with valid concerns. Just because their concerns are not the concerns of suburb dwelling professionals does not mean that they are wrong or even evil for having them.

The vote to leave the EU is a victory for those for whom the economy means little because they benefit so little from it. It is a victory of sidelined, frustrated, powerless citizens over the economic elite who now rule the world and their party political puppets (all parties).

What is most worrying today is that Labour MPs are using the result as an opportunity to increase the pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to resign as their leader. They are doing this because they want to go back to the "good old days" of Blairist centrism. But it is exactly this tedious uniformity of agenda within the political class, which gives the English people a Hobson's choice at general elections, that the people were protesting against in the EU referendum.

To put it simply, the Labour party in the UK needs to veer to the left and become a distinctive and socialist party again. They should do this whatever the cost, even if it means never getting into power again. Labour party MPs and activists should stop listening to the business world who mostly vote conservative and stop listening to the liberal intelligentsia who are cocooned from reality in the ivory towers of the media and academia. In stead, they should start listening to the people that the party was originally set up to serve even when those people say things that offend them. Most of all they should offer these working people a political future that involves them and profits them.

There is a very thin line between socialism and fascism. The working people of England and Wales will be attracted by the promises of the far right if the left does not provide them with a kinder way of getting what they need.

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