Brexit – Who Are We Actually Talking About?

If the people of the UK vote to leave the EU next week then liberals will only have themselves to blame in my opinion. For forty odd years there has been a campaign by the liberal elite to stop all discussion about immigration. Somehow liberals have engineered the situation where anybody who has any negative feelings about immigration or cultural change is immediately labelled a racist. The people most affected negatively by immigration are from the working class. Those affected most positively are employers and shareholders. Working class people have learned to keep their views abut immigration to themselves unless they are confident that they are among their own people. They believe that their heartfelt worries and concerns are not being taken seriously by politicians. Worse than that they feel patronised and belittled by politicians (just as much those from the left as from the right), the BBC and the liberal professions (teaching, social services, the Church etc.).

The EU referendum has given working people the opportunity to vent their frustrations about immigration. Although liberals have tried to use the "racism" card throughout the campaign they have not managed to shut down discussion about immigration and now, at least for the working class, the referendum has became primarily about immigration.

But I think there is tragedy and irony in what has happened and what may very well happen on the twenty-third of June. On the whole I do not think the British working class is that hateful of immigration from eastern and southern Europe. From experience they know that people from these countries assimilate quickly into British society and, although retaining a love for their own culture, do not threaten British culture. There is some worry about the affect such immigration has on wages and job opportunities but this will only be temporary. Britain experienced exactly the same situation immediately after the Second World War and it was proved to us at that time that there really was no reason for cultural panic.

I believe that British worries about immigration are worries about immigration by peoples from radically different cultures and with substantially different religious/moral beliefs. We now have enough experience of Islamic immigration to know that a high proportion of these migrants will never assimilate in the same way as the Italians, Poles, Latvians and Ukrainians did in the 1950s. We also know that they will not respect British culture whilst valuing their own in the same way our Chinese and Sikh communities do. Many Muslims despise modern western culture and would replace it with their own if given the opportunity even with violence as recent events have shown. The British working class is on the frontline between Islamic and post-Christian culture and they do not like it.

Now, here's the thing. Because the liberal establishment has made it impossible for working people to complain openly about Islamic immigration working class people are now using the EU referendum as an opportunity to make their views known. Personally, I do not think much of the talk against immigration during the EU referendum debate has been about immigration by EU nation citizens. I think most of it has been about Islamic immigration. The British working class, which is not as stupid as most of the staff at "The Guardian" would have us believe, has hijacked the debate to talk about what they want to talk about for a change.

The tragedy?

That will be if the British working class protests against the immigration of Islamic people from outside of the EU is taken into the polling stations next Thursday and subsequently Brexit wins the day. This will be a tragedy because nobody will end up getting what they want. The liberals will see their agenda knocked back half a century and the working classes will experience, more than anybody else in the UK, the brunt of the economic chaos that is sure to follow.

The irony?

That will be that even more, non-EU Muslims will be encouraged by our business class backed politicians to migrate to the UK to do the crappy jobs that British people refuse to do for the miserable wages that greedy employers and shareholders are willing to pay. Furthermore, there will be no eastern Europeans coming into the country to provide a "Christian" counterbalance.

If only "they" had listened to the concerns (both the valid and the invalid) of the people instead of gagging them with political correctness.


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