The Saint Laika Summer Appeal 2016 – Update


Thanks to the beautiful generosity of eight really good friends
that is the amount raised by this year's summer appeal so far.

WOW! Well done.

We are nearly a third of the way to our target of one thousand pounds.

Here's the blurb:

51PUprKTp1LDear friends of Saint Laika's, once again I need to ask for your assistance in keeping my online ministry alive and kicking. I have no other employment other than my work on the internet and no other source of income. I survive on the regular donations I receive every month from supporters, most of whom have been generously sending me money since I first started this faith-based occupation of mine. Unfortunately, due to the unavoidable loss of a major monthly contribution, I am now trying to make do on about four hundred and fifty pounds a month and it is not easy. Therefore, in order to pay for the extras in life, like clothes and big, unexpected bills, I run two appeals each year, one in December and one in June, in which I ask you to consider making a special, one off donation. It is now time to launch this year's summer appeal.

The target this year is the usual, arbitrary one thousand pounds. We are yet to reach this target but, you never know, perhaps this time we will do it as last time we got very close. The money raised will be spent on the running costs of the Saint Laika's website, my annual holiday and new clothes for me as I have been on a diet and lost so much weight in the last four months or so that none of my trousers fit. I have dropped three waist sizes which is great for my health but not so great for my wardrobe and wallet.

So, please help if you can. Donations can be made through the PayPal widget below. You do not even need a PayPal account to be able to make your donation. Every body who donates will receive a PDF copy of the "Best of the Lord Bishops," my ongoing scurrilous attack on the B.O.Fs of the Church of England hierarchy, who made my present situation and need of your generosity possible.

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