To Leave Or Not To Leave

I am still undecided as to how I shall be voting on the twenty-third of June. Although almost every Brit I usually agree with in life is determined to vote to stay in the EU I have this uneasy feeling inside of me that tells me that not only would this be the wrong choice, it would inevitably be an evil choice. The pro-Europe campaign has made one thing very clear, the EU is all about two things, big business and control. I am a socialist with anarchist tendencies so I am extremely suspicious of the EU. Of course, I am just as suspicious of our own Conservative government and the Brexit camp is predominantly made up of Thatcherite tories. But there is always the possibility that one day the UK will once again have a socialist government. If this comes to pass then, to implement its renationalisation policies, it will need to be outside of the free trade fixated EU.

I think that if we vote to leave Europe life will get a lot less pleasant for working people and will remain pretty crappy until the next general election at the earliest. The question I am asking myself is whether or not the pain would be worth the possible future gain.

My long time friend, Sam Norton, explains his and what are also my fears about the nature of EU project in an excellent essay that he has posted on his prestigious ELIZAPHANIAN blog. I am pretty certain that Sam comes from a different political allegiance than myself, but we may well end up in agreement as to what we should do for the good of the people of Great Britain and for the same big business distrusting reasons. I strongly suggest that, whatever your opinions on the matter are, you take the time to read it. If nothing else you will appreciate the excellence of the writing.

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