My life has been a complete waste of time and it's nearly over.
I put all my eggs in one basket and somebody came along,
snatched the basket out of my hand and broke all the eggs.


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  1. Your Sunday services matter to me a great deal. Depression is ghastly and I’m sorry you have it. Please know that this old deacon is praying for you.

  2. P.S.—I’d like to donate, but I don’t use paypal (I’ve had problems with it), and I don’t have a “valid county” since I’m in the US. How can I do it?

  3. Jon, you’re upsetting me (and I’m sure many others).

    Not for the first time I suggest, from experience (going on 11 years), you please try:

    Emotions Anonymous

    Here’s the local meeting info for you:

    6:30 PM
    Walker Terrace Gateshead
    Main Contact
    Main Contact Home Phone
    07850 714376
    Main Contact Email

    “One Day at a Time”

    Prayers! JCF jcf1899 at gmail dot com

    • I can cope with my emotions. It’s reality that I am having problems coming to terms with.

      • Everyone in EA has a “reality that that they having problems coming to terms with”. The first thing you learn in a meeting: “I am not alone.”

        • What does “coming to terms with” mean? I fear it means learning to pretend something that is happening is not happening.

          • Accepting life on life’s terms. Finding serenity in the process.

            “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” [Reinhold Niebuhr, adapted as “The Serenity Prayer” by all 12 Steppers]

          • “learning to pretend something that is happening is not happening”

            If that’s the worst that can happen, would you be any worse off? Try a meeting and find out for yourself!

          • The world would be worse off. Most of the nasty stuff that goes down is because people pretend something that is happening is not happening.

  4. Jonathan, I have suffered from depression for years. If it weren’t for Jesus, I wouldn’t be here; and if I was, I would not be the person I am today. What is Jesus saying to Y.O.U.? Hold His hand. Listen to Him. Please. You are in my prayers. Been there. Done that. Fondly, alice in Pt. O. WA, USA.