If The Church Of England Calls Pretend You’re Not In

I asked another area dean for help the other day. She politely told me that I was the responsibility of the last area dean who refused to help me.
It is amazing how easy it is for the Church of England to get rid of someone they don't like without having to go through all the annoyance of ecclesiastical legal proceedings, which is useful when they know full well that even with the church courts (that are geared up to support the bishops) you have to have good cause to sack a priest - something more than the fact the priest went through a period of suffering from depression.
I understand that Justin Welby, another person who could not find it in his heart to contradict the decision of a bigot by giving me my job back, is launching a campaign to re-evangelise England, or something grand and unachievable similar to that. But my experience of the sheer, unadulterated nastiness of much of the membership of the Church of England, both its laity and clergy, compels me to ask the question, "Why bother?"
How on earth would joining the bride of Christ in England at this time in its corporate history be of advantage to anybody? There is no happiness, there is no compassion, above all there is no love in the Church of England. Not even the lowly parish priests, my so-called colleagues, have the guts to visit a priest when he or she is poorly let alone help them when they are under attack. They are more scared for their own welfare and future prospects than truly adherent to the teachings of Christ. I wonder how they manage to preach on the Good Samaritan every year without turning crimson with shame in the pulpit
You will know Christians by their love for each other. You will know members of the Church of England by the easy way they will stab each other in the back for the most base and secular of reasons. So, if someone comes up to you in the next little while, claiming to be from the established church, and asks you if you "know Jesus," just tell them you would rather not as you don't need your heart broken by a bunch of dissembling betrayers.

POSTSCRIPT: Of course, not all bishops would sack a priest for suffering from depression. I expect many would be extremely supportive. However, from my experience, all bishops will abide by the rules of collegiality among bishops and this means that no matter what they might personally think about me and what has been done to me, they will not help me because that would be implying that the the bishop who did sack me was wrong to do so. It is, no doubt, the reason why my former colleagues won't help me. They do not want to upset the bishops by implicitly condemning the actions of a bishop and risk ending up in the same position as myself. Also, because I am bitter and angry my chances of being reemployed are not very likely and prospective employers have cited my anger as a reason for not employing me. It's a vicious circle that I am expected to break but, if the Church was really Christlike it would make the first moves to alleviate the pain it caused me and so help me to be less angry. Instead, it uses my anger, caused by them, to justify their continual ruination of my life.

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